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Writings in translation's favorites
Les Miserables a New Unabridged Translation (Signet Classics). Translated by MacAfee and Fahnestock. The most popular unabridged English edition. An excellent presentation.

Ninety-three. A sharp translation of Hugo's last and most fast-paced novel, with an introduction by Graham Robb.

Selected Poems of Victor Hugo by Victor Hugo, E. H. Blackmore (Translator), A. M. Blackmore (Translator). An excellent bilingual edition with extremely careful poetic translations.

other picks

The Hunchback of Notre Dame: Notre-Dame de Paris

The Toilers of the Sea (Modern Library...

Selected Poems (Penguin Classics). French with facing English. Acceptable translations, though the Blackmores' work is, in my view, superior.

History of a Crime: (Deposition of a Witness). Hugo's indictment of Napoleon III's coup in 1851.

Hernani. The play that launched the Romantic movement.

Cromwell . More famous for its preface, one of Romanticism's first major manifestoes.

Hans of Iceland


Biography and Journals

Choses Vues. Information on these is sketchy. The two tome set may be a reprint of the French edition I use - or it may not. The tomes divide at the same place, but it's a logical enough division that it may be a coincidence. Caveat emptor.

Things Seen. A diary kept by Hugo with both political and literary observations aplenty. Note: I've only worked with Hubert Juin's French edition and suspect this translation is an abridgement.

Choses Vues / Tome I (1830 1848)

Choses Vues/ Tome II (1849-1885)

Victor Hugo: A Biography by Graham Robb. Probably the best English-language biography.

Victor Hugo (Twayne's World Authors Series, No 883) by Laurence Porter - My professor for 19th c. French literature. This is a literary biography, useful for those who want to see how Hugo's writing evolved and why.

A Victor Hugo Encyclopedia by John Andrew Fry. An excellent reference on Hugo.

Also check out A Gustave Flaubert Encyclopedia, edited by Laurence Porter, with a few articles by the creator of


the Love Letters of Victor Hugo 1820 - 1822

The Letters of Victor Hugo: To His Family, Sainte-Beuve and Others

the Letters of Victor Hugo from Exile, and after the Fall of the Empire

More to come

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