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Indo-European: Romance

multilingua Romance languages

Brand new! : Easy Intro to French.
Learn 50 words in 3 short lessons. Mnemonic devices, usage explanations and more!

How to introduce yourself in French
Figuring out French vocabulary
The French conditional explained
The French subjunctive explained
Using "depuis"

How to introduce yourself in Italian

Indo-European: Germanic

multilingua Germanic languages

Read Wittgenstein (!) in German - it's easy!

Indo-European: Slavic

multilingua Slavic languages

Indo-European: Indo-Iranian

multilingua Indo-Iranian languages

Wisdom Quest


multilingua Turkic languages

Uzbek Lessons (3 and counting)


The first book of the Dao in Chinese and English

The Dao-9 Project
A step by step introduction to the first 9 books of the ancient classic
(introductory material and book 1 completed)


multilingua Austronesian languages

Snapshot of vocabulary in 6 Austronesian languages
(Malay, Indonesian, Tetun, Kemak, Filipino, Malagasy)

Semitic Languages

multilingua Semitic languages

More Great stuff

Animal sounds!

Free: Itty bitty language introductions

including Finnish, Thai, Uzbek, Urdu and more! Check out the Itty Bitty Language Courses.

Rosetta Stone Arabic Level I Rosetta Stone Chinese (Mandarin) Level I

Teach yourself One- Day Italian

Here are a few more resources for foreign language education:

Tennessee Bob's French links:
Acquiring French Vocabulary
French Grammar Central
Other links
French Vocabulary - Vocabulaire FLE foreign language section

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