Austronesian : Indonesian, Tagalog, Hawaiian

Welcome to the "Indonesian/Tagalog/Hawaiian" page. Our resources for this branch are pretty limited but under development. For the moment, we have introductory comments on the languages and a few pages devoted to vocabulary. More is on the way, in time, including an eventual introduction to the different grammars. Keep checking back, as new items will be appearing.

These three languages, belonging to the most far-flung language family (stretching from Madagascar to Easter Island) can seem pretty far apart. Ideally, to make things easier, we would have had one group with Indonesian, Tagalog and Malay or Malagasy and a second with Hawaiian, Tahitian and, say, Samoan. Were the world clambering to learn Austronesian languages, this is the tack we would have taken. However, as this is not the case, we decided to focus on two languages that aren't so far apart - Indonesian and Tagalog - and throw in a third that, though very different, does not have to be mastered perfectly (since most of its speakers also know English) and which needs any source of enthusiasts it can get - even if the source be so humble a site as this.

Introductory materials


Connecting the languages with numbers


Things of nature

A few facial features


Food I: meat and fish

Food II: fruits and grains

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Itty Bitty Indonesian

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