Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Adjectives in Uzbek

Adjectives in Uzbek go in front of the noun to modify or describe it. They come after to form "X is ..." sentences.

yakhshi - good
yomon - bad
arzon - cheap
khimmat - expensive
toza - clean
iflos - dirty

yakhshi gazeta
a good newspaper
Gazeta yakhshi.
The newspaper is good.

iflos hona
a dirty room
Hona iflos.
The room is dirty

Menga toza menyu kerak.
I need a clean menu.
Arzon oshhona qayerda?
Where is there a cheap restaurant?
Men yakhshi choy olmoqchiman.
I'll take a good (cup of) tea.
Telefon yomon.
The telephone is bad.


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