Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Asking for Things in Uzbek

There are several ways to indicate you want something.

Iltimos... -ni bering.
Please... give.
Iltimos khisob-ni bering.
Please give the bill.
Iltimos menyu-ni bering.
Please give the menu.

Men... olmoqchiman.
I... want to take.
Men gazeta olmoqchiman.
I want a newspaper.
Men choy olmoqchiman.
I want tea.

Menga... kerak.
For me... is necessary.
Menga adres kerak.
I need an address.
Menga telefon kerak.
I need a telephone.

Men... istayman.
I... want.
Men hona istayman.
I want a room.
Men choy istayman.
I want tea.


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