Friday, October 13, 2006

Professions in Uzbek

Men... -man. I am ...

Arhitektor - Architect
Rassom - Artist
I'd pay a king's ransom to become an artist. Rassom.
Doktor - Doctor
Muhandis - Engineer
You hand dis to the engineer. Muhandis.
Dehqon. Farmer.
The whole day can be used by a farmer planting crops. Dehqon.
Jurnalist - Journalist
Advokat - Lawyer
A lawyer is your advocate in court. Advokat.
Mehanik - Mechanic
Hodim - Office worker
Who deems office work important? Hodim.
Olim - Scientist
All I'm saying, is I'm a scientist. Olim.
Sekretar - Secretary
Student - Student
Turist - Tourist


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