Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Self-Talk Uzbek Mini-Course

The following mini-course will not teach you Uzbek. But it should teach you how, as an English speaker, to start thinking in Uzbek so that serious language learning will go easier. Start with the Introduction, to get fair warning about the course's flaws. Then do the Mini-Course.

1. Introduction
2. Plurals in Uzbek
3. Indicating you want something
4. Finding out what is available or in the area
5. Where is...?
6. Adjectives in Uzbek
7. This and that/Here and there
8. Yes-No questions
9. Word-building
10. What and more Word-Building
11. A few more adjectives
12. Sentences you can now make in Uzbek

After you're done with the Mini-Course, you can do the Vocabulary. Then go back through the Mini-Course, this time making up your own sentences using the structures in the lessons with your newly learned vocabulary.

Vocabulary Mnemonics
1. Animals
2. Family
3. In the country
4. Verbs
5. Colors
6. Love song vocabulary
7. Expressions and questions
8. More expressions and questions
9. Hotel words
10. Parts of the Body
11. Food
12. Professions
13. Shopping and Services

Test yourself
English to Uzbek
Uzbek to English

Available (but not too highly recommended): 3 Uzbek lessons at the old languages site.

Also visit: Unilang's Uzbek lessons


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