Sunday, June 22, 2008

Random Notes

Edwin mentioned visiting Sophia Books in Vancouver the other day. For my part, I visited European Book Company in San Francisco yesterday. It has the look and feel of a used bookstore, but with some good stuff in the way of French - and one of the biggest collections of Assimil I've seen outside of Europe. If you're looking for Assimil courses or French children's books, they're worth a visit.

Edwin mentioned that Sophia Books seems to be the only multilingual bookstore in Canada. Here in the US we're not exactly spilling over with them either. But there's also Europa Books in Chicago, which seems to be connected with Schoenhofs in Boston. Finally, for language learning, I'd mention LanguageQuest, which I used to visit in Los Altos before they moved to Mount Shasta.


I've plateaued on my Assimil Breton sans peine again - happens every so often - so I am reviewing and doing outside reading. Next week, I plan to hit the ground running, but in the meantime, I've been enjoying Breton music, my Spot stories and Peter Rabbit. I've also been fussing with Talk Now Breton, as I mentioned the other day. Remember: if your method isn't working for you right at the moment, make sure you're doing something to enjoy your language. You'll need to either get back on track or find a new track soon enough, but as long as you keep the language in your brain and in your life you're fine for the short term.


Last note: Thanks to the folks at edufire for recognizing this among their top 20 language learning blogs. You'll see a lot of the others in the link list to the right, by the way. Check 'em out.


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