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your first 50 words in Spanish, French and Italian

If you're trying to pick up a little bit of several languages, there isn't a better language family to be working with than the Romance languages. Their grammars are relatively simple and with a few hints you'll see that the vocabulary is largely familiar to educated English speakers. In this primer, you'll learn a little bit about noun, adjective and verb usage. More importantly, you'll learn how to greet people, introduce yourself and get a cup of coffee. So whether you're going to Western Europe and need to know how to get around, or you're studying one (or more) of these languages and want to put your learning together, this primer's a great place to start.

Your first 50 words in Spanish, French and Italian from is (will be) available in 3 formats. For a more organized presentation, you can work through the ten lessons, which show both the individual words and how to put them into conversations. For learning the individual items, you can click on the individual words in the table. Finally, for review or if you're good with lists, you can pull up a table showing all fifty items in all three languages.

A word to the wise: Whatever approach you take, studies show that language learning ability drops off markedly after half an hour to forty-five minutes of learning new material. So after half an hour, you should review what you've learned, rather than pushing on. Better yet, go get a cup of coffee and see how much you can remember of what you'd say if you were talking to the barista or cashier in Madrid, Paris or Rome.

table with all fifty words (under construction)

links to lessons and individual words (lesson breakdown shown)

lesson 1 17. how 34. "Do you speak English?"
1. day 18. "How are you doing?" 35. yes
2. night lesson 5 36. no
3. good 19. well lesson 8
4. good day 20. very 37. (I) would like
5. good night 21. thanks 38. (you) would like
lesson 2 22. "Very well, thanks." 39. tea
6. days 23. and 40. coffee
7. nights 24. "And you?" 41. please
8. good days lesson 6 42. "You would like some coffee?"
9. good nights 25. I 43. "I would like some tea, please."
lesson 3 26. (I) am doing lesson 9
10. day / "Good day." 27. "I am doing very well, thanks." 44. (I) call
11. night / "Good night." 28. "And how are you doing?" 45. (you) call
12. morning / "Good morning." lesson 7 46. I call myself / am called
13. afternoon / "Good afternoon." 29. English 47. you call yourself/ are called
14. evening / "Good evening." 30. (I) speak 48. "What's your name?"
lesson 4 31. "I speak English" 49. "Pleased to meet you."
15. you 32. (you) speak lesson 10
16. (you) are doing 33. "You speak English." 50. "Goodbye" main page - Spanish/French/Italian main page

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