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Welcome to the "Book Recommendations" page for Spanish, French and Italian. While provides resources for the aspiring polyglot, any effective language learning program requires the use of multiple resources. And yes, that means that if your teacher or professor never deviates from the textbook, you're not getting enough exposure to learning materials. Unfortunately, full-fledged polyglot resources are few in number. We've put together our favorites, along with the best resources we've found if you want to go further in one particular language. And if you purchase through the site, you not only get Amazon's low prices, but you help support's free resources.

Polyglot Resources

From scholarly tomes to handy phrasebooks to software...
Polyglot Resources for the Student of Romance Languages

Teach Yourself...

Teach Yourself One-Day (!) and Instant courses


Pimsleur provides the best all-audio language learning method we've found. After half an hour you'll know your first few words of the language. A few hours later, you'll be ordering your own coffee in the nearest café. If you're just getting started, this is the way to go. Three languages, three programs...
Pimsleur Romance Language Programs

Michel Thomas

His methods are at once old-school and highly unusual, but after a few hours you'll be making your own sentences about a wide variety of topics. For the beginner in need of practical grammar and handy vocabulary memorization tips, try the method used by the stars (see the press materials)...
Michel Thomas Romance Language Courses

Lonely Planet

For the best darn phrasebooks around, check out the
Lonely Planet Romance Language Guides

By Association books

Dr. Michael Gruneberg, memory specialist, has put together these books to get started in a language fast. They're not a silver bullet, but they've got their good points. Are they right for you?

Read more about By Association books.

Penguin phrasebooks

If you don't like Lonely Planet - too much detail, or the print's too darn small... You might prefer these Penguin books.

Read more about the Penguin phrasebooks

Amazon recommends...

for language buffs.


Reviews of other language learning products

A Horace Workbook (for AP Latin)

Columbus' First Voyage: Latin Selections from Peter Martyr's De Orbe Novo

Dr. Blair's Spanish/French in No Time

Dr. Blair's Japanese/Mandarin

Subliminal Spanish? Japanese?

Deep Learning - background sound to help you concentrate

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