Spanish, French and Italian sound correspondences

Welcome to the "Sound Correspondences" page for Spanish, French and Italian. The articles on this page form sort of a secret decoder ring for the major Romance languages, showing how to recognize the connections between words so that if you know, for example, Spanish hija, you'll also know French fille and Italian figlia with a little thought.

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These articles should be fun for those who like to know things, as it will enable them to see connections they didn't know about before and build on them. Those who prefer to memorize lists may find these articles tedious as the vocabulary has been chosen for its usefulness in illustrating patterns, not for its everyday application.

The articles follow a simple pattern: They take a sound/sound pattern in Latin and show what it became in Spanish, French and Italian. This connects the three modern languages and Latin all to one another. Examples are given. For want of a better standard, article titles refer to the Latin sound patterns that form the starting point.

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