Spanish, French and Italian vocabulary

Welcome to the vocabulary page for Spanish, French and Italian.

On the following pages, you'll find lots of tips for learning vocabulary, from mnemonics to etymologies. While there won't be a magical memory tip for every word, we've done our best to make the learning easy for you.

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A little advice: Don't do more lists at a time than you feel comfortable with. Learning 10-15 words well is better than trying to take in 100 and forgetting them all.

Here are the vocabulary topics available or very soon to be available. In the "Snippets" section, you'll find specialized vocabulary pages for different topics.

Matters existential - the body and mind in the world
Feelings of Romance... happy, sad, etc.
"How are you feeling?" - physical comfort (I'm cold, hungry, etc)
"Man does not live by bread alone..." - food and drink
"What would you like to drink?" - Beverages
"I'm so hungry..." - favorite foods
"We do it all for you" - foods you'll find at McDonald's
"Around and about" - in town
"The butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker" - places to go shopping
"Where can I getta cuppa joe?" - cafés and eateries
"If you seek a monument..." - playing tourist and asking directions
"Getting personal" - the stuff of hearth and home
"I have two brothers and three sisters..." - immediate family
"You wouldn't believe my mother-in-law..." - extended family
"For you, my pet..." - Our animal friends
"Can you be more specific?" - adjectives and other descriptors
"Is it bigger than a breadbox?" - Adjectives of size
"Tell me more about it..." - More adjectives of size
Seeing the light - 8 color words with memory tips
"Blue and yellow make green..." - More about colors
"Can you describe the suspect?" - Physical descriptions
"Her locks were yellow as gold..." - Hair colors
"What's he like?" - Character descriptions
Nature's Kingdom - fish, fowl and other wild animals
Visiting a monument and finding the bathroom - verb usage +

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For a quick start in the three major Romance languages, try out the "By Association Series," with its keys for learning a basic Romance language vocabulary in as little as a week. Or visit Transparent Language and check out their A+ language programs.

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