Western Slavic: Polish, Czech and Slovak

Welcome to the multilingua.info "Polish, Czech and Slovak" page. Our resources for this branch are pretty limited but under development. For the moment, lacking good materials to teach you these languages, we've decided to focus on the next best thing: showing you a little bit of what you need to know to teach yourself. Below, you'll find articles about some of the more difficult or confusing issues one has to deal with when learning a Slavic language for the first time. We're also gradually adding articles to teach you everyday words and phrases. Detailed grammar explanations, however, are a long ways down the road.

Problems for the beginning student of Slavic languages

Funny sounds and funny characters - tips for making sense of them

Noun declensions in Slavic, part I

Noun declensions in Slavic, part II

Baby steps into Slavic

Book review: Slovak for You

Hello and Goodbye

More Western Slavic Greetings

Wrapping up Slavic greetings

What to say when you don't speak the language

Feelings - I'm happy...

How are you feeling? - I'm cold...

Colors I

Colors II

Sites and sights to see

Family members in Slavic

Beginning Polish Course
Wikibooks Polish
Little Czech Primer
Bolchazy.com - Slovak, Latin & Greek

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