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Comments and Submissions

multilingua.info was created for lovers of language and language learning. We like communication and welcome dialogue with other language learners.

If you find errors or important omissions, we would appreciate your letting us know so that we can make this a better site for everyone.

multilingua.info is and probably will remain chiefly an expression of its main creators' understanding of language. But we welcome outside voices. At present, we've mostly made minor modifications at the suggestion of visitors to this site or The Language Pages. But we're open to publishing short articles (3 paragraphs to 15 pages) ranging from everyday advice to scholarly monographs. The only compensation we can offer is someone else paying for the bandwidth to publish you, but if you've got an insight you'd like to share, we'd love to hear from you.

Please note that unlike most other sites/publications, multilingua.info does not demand that you yield your copyright when submitting. You only agree that we may use the submission free of charge until such time as you ask us to remove it from the site. If you later refine or adapt a submission for publication elsewhere and there are copyright questions, we will take the submission down while offering best wishes and the hope you were well compensated.

Submissions may be sent to multilingua - at - gbarto.com.