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Welcome to the multilingua.info "Turkish, Uzbek, Uighur" page. Here at multilingua.info, we're fascinated by the Turkic languages, especially Uzbek.

To make a start in Uzbek, try out our Itty Bitty Uzbek course, our Self-Talk Uzbek course or our original Uzbek Lessons from The Language Pages. Or visit the Uzbek Home Page for all these and more. For other Uzbek and Turkic info, check the menus below.

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Challenges in learning Turkic languages



Vowel Harmony

Selected vocabulary

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Basic Civilities

"Opposites" - I/you, big/small, dog/cat...


Recommended offsite resources:


Uzbek language at Oxus.com

Turkish, Turkmen and Uzbek

Also visit the Itty Bitty Language Course page for short introductions to Turkish and Uzbek

Offsite get Turkish stories and more at TurkishClass.com.

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