"Language puts the world in your grasp."

Who are we?

multilingua.info is part of the gbarto.com network of sites, and is put together by some of the same people who brought you The Language Pages. We are:

Geoffrey Barto - editor and lead writer. Mr. Barto is also the owner, operator and chief content creator for gbarto.com. He has a Masters in French language, literature and culture and has been studying languages as a hobby since 1988. Barto speaks English and French quite comfortably and has sufficient knowledge of Spanish, Italian and German to get himself in trouble. A throwback to the independent 19th century scholar, Barto has studied at least a little bit of every language on this site, and flatters himself that this makes him knowledgeable.

Briant Sarris - senior consultant. Ms. Sarris has a masters in French and teaches English, French, Italian and Spanish. She has also formally studied classical and modern Greek, not to mention taking a few Japanese lessons. Sarris has also done translation for a literary journal and, in one instance, a grisly lawsuit.

Karen Barto - consultant, long-suffering sister. Barto has masters degrees in French and ESL. Her bachelors was in French with a minor in German. Barto was dragged into the language biz by her older brother and plans to spend her life bouncing between language and linguistics programs.