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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

posted by gbarto at 7:31 PM:
G. Takamatsu's Book Reviews:
How to Talk to a Liberal by Ann Coulter

Ann Coulter writes the truth in an irreverent manner. I don't always agree with her, but she does argue persuasively and she does her homework like Michell Malkin. I am reminded of a Christian friend who grew up Buddhist. He was exposed to Hinduism, but showed no interest in converting from Buddhism (or atheism?) to Hinduism. He said "I just couldn't see becoming a cow." Such irreverence is what Miss Coulter's writing reminds me of.

This book is a collection of essays. Since she is an established author, Coulter is able to include essays which were rejected by the publishers. Those are in the back of the book and make for interesting reading. In one article she debunks the idea that Thomas Jefferson was the father of Sally Hemmings children. If I remember correctly, NONE of the Jeffersons could have been the father. [I'm not sure where this stands; it was the other way last I heard. -ed] But I guess this is a case of "Political Correctness" triumphing over hard science.

Looking through the book, I was surprised to learn that some of Coulter's articles were published in GEORGE magazine. Well, I guess John Kennedy jr. was not all bad if he gave Miss Coulter a chance.

Coulter's essays cover a range of subjects and I think she writes with a good deal of common sense which seems lacking in our so-called "Politically Correct" - or should I say, "Politically conformist" (the real P.C.) - culture.

Coulter's article on "Sex in the City" argues that this show is NOT a reflection of real women but fantasies of homosexual men or men in women's bodies. This essay reminds me of an article in the moderate/ conservative paper, THE STANFORD REVIEW, by a Mr. Rawls. In an essay on women and beauty, Mr. Rawls points out that people in the fashion industry who determine fashion are often homosexual men who have no interest in women. Unrealistic standards are being set for women as women don't have men's bodies and vice versa. That is why so many women are insecure about their looks. I am told that the fashion industry preys on women's insecurity. I, myself, was surprised when one attractive woman told me that it wasn't the case that a lot of guys were pursuing her. I later told her they felt so unworthy of her. I told her about an argument a friend and I had over her. I said to him that he should pursue her and he said I should pursue her. I guess that was the wrong move. Her comment was "I know, I'm just not wanted."

In the later part of the book, Miss Coulter writes about her ladder to success. It was not a straight climb. Conservatives just don't have the perks that liberals do. But she encourages young conservative writers to take heart. I guess she is one example of success. But she points out that even with three book under her belt, magazines have still rejected her articles. Oh, well I guess you can always include the rejects in the latest books.
- Guy Takamatsu

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