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Thursday, July 07, 2005

On the London bombings...

It was bound to happen sooner or later. And now it has. Al-Qaeda is back at it in the West. Unless it was, say, the Irish or, maybe, Basque separatists. Or a particulary angry faction within the Postal Workers Union.

Now that we've got the platitudes out of the way, let's concede that at least one of the bombers probably has a relative named Mohammed.

The one comforting thing is knowing that no one connected to Iraq or Saddam was involved. After all, Saddam and Osama hated each other, etc.

Oops. That was before the Iraq war, talking about 9/11.

Now this is doubtless Al-Qaeda punishing Britain for overthrowing its brother Muslim.

Anyway, it looks like Blair, and even the London mayor, are standing firm.

With any luck, this will remind Blair that the peace-loving communities in his nation, however benign, are a problem until they start turning in the rabble rousers, not just trying quietly to dissuade their sons - not too hard - from joining.

We know the British and American left, of course, will draw few lessons other than that their conclusions about the war, etc, are to remain unchanged regardless of actual events.

But maybe the moderates will rediscover something resembling spines and realize the need to perservere in the struggle against terrorism.

The most reassuring bit comes from Wretchard, who points out that ugly as it was, neither this (nor Madrid) are particularly hearty encores to 9/11. The Islamototalitarians may dream of ruling a world of emburkaned women and men who prefer the company of other men, but the barest truth is they can't even rule a Metro for more than a few hours at a time.

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