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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Hewitt has a very nice essay/Rehnquist obit well worth checking out. The main point is the good fortune our country has had in having a Constitution that guided us in developing our nation rather than either constraining us or letting the worst in us run amok, and the equally good fortune we have had in having formed a body politic that respects the achievement.

Hewitt also suggests just naming Roberts as the new Chief Justice. I'd like to know more, maybe see him on the court a while, before we go that route. I'm not into the jurisprudence scene the way Hewitt, Reynolds and others are, so won't speculate on who could or should be put on the high court. Still, having watched things unfold on the courts in recent years, I do have thoughts on the Chief Justice position:

Picking the "non-controversial" Roberts has certainly not kept down the howling, the wailing or the gnashing of teeth. To the contrary, we've waded through heaps of mulch in an effort to find something to fight about since that's what we do in the face of major decisions these days. This time, then, let the battle lines be clearly drawn and the stakes readily evident to even the most lackadaisacal court-watcher:

Thomas for Chief Justice!

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