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Saturday, October 27, 2007

How Apple can do itself in

Time was, the folks at Apple were supposed to "Think Different." The grammar was incorrect, but the sentiment was noble: Rather than signing up with the IBM/Microsoft corporatists, you could go with a company focused on making cool stuff that worked (reasonably) well.

Today, Apple's different thinking consists in refusing to accept cash for an iPhone, lest it be purchased by an unlocker who doesn't use it with AT&T's service. Story here. Now, as far as I'm concerned, Apple can refuse to sell to whomever it wants, for whatever reason it wants. That includes telling people that if they won't be AT&T's customers, they can't be Apple's customers. However, if your company has pitched itself as the white knight standing against the dark lords of Microsoft, an alliance with AT&T doesn't fit the branding well, I don't think. It's Apple's defenders who make my case the best, as with this commenter at the linked story:
I don't know that it's disgusting [to refuse cash]. I've been to many restaurants where they wouldn't accept anything BUT cash, and I didn't find that insulting. It's inconvenient, but not insulting.

Plus cell companies have been making arbitrary rules for years, now that Apple is in the cell game, you have to expect that they will too.
If the defense for Apple is that it's no worse than AT&T and the other telcos, can it really be that much better than Mr. Softie?

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