Thursday, September 07, 2006

Indonesian Self-Talk

If you're learning Indonesian, there may not be that many people to practice with. But you can always practice with yourself. I have a short explanation of what self-talk is about here. Below are some expressions you can review mentally as you go about your daily routine if you're learning Indonesian so that it becomes more a part of your life. Where there appears "..." you can fill in with your native language or look up what you're most likely to fill in the blank with.

Hari ini, saya igin ikan... (Today I want to eat...)
Hari ini, saya igin minum... (Today I want to drink...)
Dinisi ada banyak/sedikit orang. (Here exist many/few people.)
Sekarang saya dapat gelas air. (Now I find a glass of water.)
Saya sibuk. (I am busy.)
Panasya/Dinginya hari ini. (It is hot/cold today.)
Hujan. (It's raining.)
Saya akan membeli... (I will buy...)
Berapa harganya ini? (How much is this?)
Terimah kasi. (Thank you.)


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