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Language Families*
Romance - Spanish, French, Italian
Germanic - German, Dutch, Swedish
Slavic - Polish, Czech, Slovak
Semitic - Hebrew and Arabic
Indo-Iranian - Dari, Pashto, Urdu, Sanskrit
Turkic - Turkish, Uzbek, Uighur
Austronesian - Indonesian, Tagalog, Hawaiian

*Indo-European subfamilies are in boldface.

Confessions of a Language Addict: thoughts and tips
about languages and language learning

Self-Talk for: Indonesian, German, French, Spanish, Turkish
Self-Talk Mini-Course for Uzbek (Structure and Vocabulary)

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Itty Bitty Courses
Semitic: Arabic, Hebrew
Turkic: Turkish, Uzbek
Indo-Iranian: Urdu, Pashto, Dari
Finno-Ugric: Finnish
Austronesian: Indonesian
Tai-Kadai: Thai

Special Features: Languages of the Islamic World
Thoughts on the cartoon furor

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Want to speak multiple languages?

Language learning can be a real challenge. But it's even harder if you're starting from scratch. At, we've studied language for years. And we can save you a lot of time with our tips and tricks to help you learn vocabulary and make connections you might otherwise miss. So have a look at our language family offerings to jump right into being a polyglot. Or check out our other offerings for a headstart in a variety of languages. is, and always will be, a work in progress. Keep checking back. And e-mail multilingua - at- if you've got questions or suggestions.

Is all I'll need?

Any serious language student works with multiple tools, both for reinforcement and to see the languages from different perspectives. is a tool that will get you started and help you better associate what you're learning. If you wish to become an advanced speaker of multiple languages, you will need outside resources. To that end, we are gradually adding links to the materials we have found most useful in putting together the different sections of this site.

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