Sunday, September 10, 2006

Self-talk Turkish

If you're learning Turkish, here are 10-12 phrases worth memorizing. The grammar isn't 100%, but it will give you some thoughts to run through your head during your spare moments. For more about self-talk and language learning, see here. The phrases are below:

Bügün… yemek istiyorum. (Today I want to eat…)
Bügün… içmek istiyorum. (Today I want to drink…)
Çok insan var/yok. (There are/are not a lot of people.)
Şimdi bir bardak su getiriyorum. (Now I am getting a glass of water.)
Meşgulüm. (I’m busy.)
Bügün hava sıcak/soĝuk. (Today it is hot/cold.)
Yaĝmur yaĝiyor. (It’s raining.)
Satın almak istiyorum. (I want to make a purchase.)
Ne kadar? (How much?)
Teşekkürler. (Thanks.)


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