Thursday, September 07, 2006

Self-Talk German

If you're learning German, there may not be that many people to practice with. But you can always practice with yourself. I have a short explanation of what self-talk is about here. Below are some expressions you can review mentally as you go about your daily routine if you're learning German so that it becomes more a part of your life. Where there appears "..." you can fill in with your native language or look up what you're most likely to fill in the blank with.

Ich möchte... essen. (I want to eat...)
Ich möchte... trinken. (I want to drink...)
Es gibt viele/wenige Leute. (There are many/few people.)
Jetzt bekomme ich ein Glas Wasser. (Now get I a glass of water.)
Ich habe viel zu tun. (I have a lot to do.)
Heute ist es heiß/kalt. (Today it is hot/cold.)
Es regnet. (It is raining.)
Ich kaufe dieses. (I am buying this.)
Wieviel kostet das? (How much is it?)
Danke. (Thanks.)

Update: Thanks to a commenter below for suggesting a few more natural sounding sentences in place of my phrasebook German. The old phrases can be seen in the first comment, the main entry has been updated.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great idea!

Here are some suggestions from a native speaker:

Jetzt erhalte ich ein Glas Wasser. (Now get I a glass of water.)

Sounds very stilted. How about:

Jetzt bekomme ich ein Glas Wasser.
Jetzt kriege ich ein Glas Wasser.

Ich bin beschäftigt. (I am busy.)

Also: Ich habe viel zu tun.

Es ist heute heiß/kalt. (It is today hot/cold.)

Better: Heute ist es heiß/kalt.

Wieviel ist es? (How much is it?)

Wieviel kostet das?
Was macht das?

12:15 PM  

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