Monday, September 04, 2006

Self-talk and more!

An important part of learning a language is maintaining a positive attitude for study. And a frustrating part of learning is when you get stuck and aren't sure where your progress is. One approach, if extremely new-agey and a little corny, is self-hypnosis. While I am dubious about claims that one can learn a language subliminally in a trance state - it can even be hard to figure out that the repetitive noise in the background is the alarm clock as you waken from a dream - there is no question that it helps to be relaxed and in a positive frame of mind before you study.

What follows is an adaptation of the first half of a self-hypnosis induction script, designed to bring you into a restful state but without the second part, in which the unconscious would be unlocked. Such scripts can either be recorded and listened to, or they can be rewritten in the first person and read aloud. I'm posting the routine for relaxing and coming back a little more to the world first in the hope that someone else might enjoy and second because I'll know where they are that way.


You are standing on a warm sandy beach, looking out across the water. It is a warm, sunny day, and you feel the warmth of the sun on your neck and shoulders. You stretch a moment, then lie back in the sand. The sand has been warmed by the sun, and you feel its warmth on your back as you lie down. And you feel the warmth of the sun on your face and on your body.

The warmth of the sun and the sand relaxes you and you enjoy the warmth of the sun on your face. You feel any tension in your thoughts rising away, and then you feel the warmth spreading to your neck and shoulders and feel all tension going away.

You are so nice and warm, and the warmth you feel in your head and shoulders now radiates through your chest, as your heart slows and you breathe in deeply, inhaling the warmth of the sand and the sun, and exhaling any tension in your body.

You feel your arms and legs loosening, as the warmth of the sun and the sand warm your whole body. And now your hands and feet grow warm and you feel any remaining tension draining out your fingers and toes and floating away with your breath.

You are relaxed. So relaxed.

Feel the warmth radiating through your body, calming you, relaxing you.

You are in a state of perfect peace.

You can grow. You can smile. You can love. You can learn.

Right now, with your mind at peace, you can do anything.

Just to make sure you’re perfectly relaxed, you decide to count down from five to one. You know that when you have done this, you will be a state of peace and harmony with the world where anything you need will come to you, and you will be ready. You will be ready to grow. You will be ready to love. You will be ready to learn.

5… You feel yourself growing calmer.

4… You know that if you need anything, it will be here for you.

3… You know that you are in a perfect state to grow.

2… You know that you are in a perfect state to love… to love growing and loving and learning… and all the people and things that are in your life… for in their company you will grow and love… and learn… and…

1… You know that you are now in a perfect state to learn… and that you will remain in this peaceful state, this light trance, until you count back from 1 to 5. And now, with opened eyes and an open heart and mind, take your time to learn. Your learning will stay with you when you are done. And when you have finished with this session, both you and the world you live in will be better for what you learn, both about what you are learning and about yourself and your capacity to grow and learn and love.

Coming back

Now that you have had the chance to grow, and love, and learn, in a state of calm and peacefulness, it is time to leave your light trance. Before you do, breathe deeply and allow yourself to feel love and warmth and joy for all that you have had the opportunity to do and learn. And know that as you leave this light trance, you can remain calm, remain at peace, and breathe slowly back into a life that’s better for the time you have spent here. And now, you count back to your new and better everyday life.

1. You have had the chance to learn, and are wiser and more peaceful for the experience.

2. You have had the chance to grow, and are a better person for the time you’ve given to develop yourself.

3. You have had the chance to bask in warmth and in love, and are a more loving and understanding person.

4. You are becoming alert to the world around you, but it is a different world, warmer, happier and more peaceful, as you bring your growth, your love and your learning into it.

5. You are now ready to go forth in the world, wiser, calmer and more loving, and ready to enjoy the better world you are creating.


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