Sunday, October 01, 2006

Animals in Uzbek!

From Harry Lorrayne to Unforgettable Languages and way back, people have used mnemonic devices to remember information. Here's our first of a couple contributions... 12 animals in Uzbek:

1. Cat – Mushuk – The cat mewed and shook. Mushuk.
2. Dog – It – My dog likes to eat and eat. It.
3. Donkey – Eshak – The donkey lives in a shack. Eshak.
4. Horse – Ot – The horse loves oats. Ot.
5. Monkey – Maimun – The monkey howled, “My moon!” Maimun.
6. Parrot – To’ti qushi – The parrot sat on a dirty cushion. To’ti qushi.
7. Pigeon – Kaptar – The pigeons are wearing hats? Capped are. Kaptar.
8. Rat – Kalamush – When da rat drives da sleigh he call a “mush!” Kalamush.
9. Sheep – Qo’i – When the sheep acts sheepish, he’s just being coy. Qo’i.
10. Bear – Ayiq – She went, “Ah! Eek!” when she saw the bear. Ayiq.
11. Bull – Buqa – The bull bought a book o’ stamps. Buqa.
12. Cow – Sigir – The cow smoked a cigar. Sigir.


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