Friday, October 13, 2006

Food in Uzbek

Non - Bread - Is there any food? None but bread. Non.
Sir - Cheese - Some cheese, sir? Thank you. Sir.
Gamburger - Hamburger
Buterbrod - Sandwich - I'll have butter and bread for my sandwich. Buterbrod.
Sho'rva - Soup - There's sherbet in my soup! Sho'rva.
Palov - Rice-based meal - I love my pilaf meal. Palov.
Qatiq - Yogurt - Don't be catty, eat your yogurt. Qatiq.
Pomidor - Tomato - There's a tomato by the palmy door. Pomidor.
Mol go'shti - Beef - There's a mole on this beef! Mol go'shti.
Qo'y go'shti - Lamb - Don't be coy about sharing your lamb. Qo'y go'shti.
Cho'chga go'shti - I went to church for pork. Cho'chga go'shti.


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