Wednesday, October 11, 2006

More Uzbek Expressions and Questions

In this vocabulary set, where some structures are being built, it is necessary to learn some items and string together the associations, rather than each entry having a unique association.

-mi - ? - Are you questioning me? -mi?
-siz - you - It's you, sis. -siz.
-misiz? - are you? - Who are you? It's me, sis! -misiz?
Yakhshimisiz? - Are you good? - good (yak-she) are-you? - Yakhshimisiz?
Ahvollar yakhshimi? - Thing are good? - "Things" (awfuller) good ? - Ahvollar yakhshimi?
-cha - until - until you cha-cha - -cha.
Ertagacha khayr - Until tomorrow, bye - tomorrow (earth-ta-go)-until bye (higher) - Ertagacha khayr.
Bu - This - Wait'll you see this! Boo! - Bu.
Bu nima? - What's this? - This what (knee-ma) - Bu nima?


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