Sunday, October 01, 2006

Out of town in Uzbek

Here's another dozen words of Uzbek. By the way, the words are being drawn from Rudelson's LP Central Asia, Khakimov's Uzbek-English Dict. (Hippocrene) and Awde's Uzbek Dictionary and Phrasebook (Hippocrene).

Out of town
1. Village – Qishloq – The village has a quiche lock, it’s so safe. Qishloq.
2. Desert – Cho’l – My brother gets churlish in the desert. Cho’l.
3. Farm – Ferma – He wants to farm on terra firma. Ferma.
4. Lake – Ko’l – The otters like to curl up by the lakeside. Ko’l.
5. Mountain – Tog’ – I stubbed my toe on the mountain. Tog’.
6. River – Daryo – Dario Fo paddled down the river. Daryo.
7. Road – Yo’l – You’ll find the road you need to the left. Yo’l.
8. Land – Yer – This land is yer land… Yer.
9. Rock – Tosh – I can’t drive through here. Tosh, it’s just a few rocks. Tosh.
10. Landslide – Toshqin – Tosh! Can you not drive around the rockslide? Toshqin.
11. Hill – Tepa – I made a tape o’ my walk up the hill. Tepa.
12. Map – Kharita – I carried a map for my journey. Kharita.


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