Friday, October 13, 2006

Parts of the Body in Uzbek

Yuz - Face - What's that look on yoose face? Yuz.
Ko'z - Eye - I see all that oc-curz before mine eyes. Ko'z.
Burun - Nose - Don't be so flattering. You'll get a brown nose. Burun.
Og'iz - Mouth - Oh, is that your mouth? Og'iz.
Quloq - Ear - My clock has ears! - Quloq.

Qo'l - Arm - That's a cool tatoo on your arm. Qo'l.
Qo'l - Hand - Cool! It goes all the way to your hand! Qo'l.
Barmoq - Finger - Point your finger and mock the bar. Barmoq.
Badan - Body - She's got quite a bod on her! Badan.
Ko'krak - Chest - I have a cookie rack on my chest! Ko'krak.
Qorin - Stomach - It's Corinne's stomach. Qorin.
Oyoq - Leg - O yuck, I got something on my leg. Oyoq.
Oyoq - Foot - O yuck, it went all way to my foot. Oyoq.


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