Tuesday, October 10, 2006

This and That, Here and There in Uzbek

The words for this and that are "bu" and "u":

bu adres - this address
u gazeta - that newspaper

Bu adres qayerda?
Where is this address?
U oshhona khimmat.
That restaurant is expensive.

Qayerda is a three-part word:
Qay (which) yer (place) da (at)

buyerda - here
bu (this) yer (place) da (at)

uyerda - there
u (that) yer (place) da (at)

Buyerda telefon bor mi?
Here a telephone is? -
Is there a telephone here?

Uyerda yakhshi oshhona bor mi?
Is there a good restaurant there?


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