Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Uzbek Hotel Words

The following items are helpful for talking about hotels:

Mehmon - Guest - My man, it's good you're my guest. Mehmon.
Hona - It's an honor to have this room. Hona.
Khojathona - Bathroom - you're on your own for this one. Khojathona.
Mehmonhona - Hotel - Guest room - Mehmonhona.
Karavot - Bed - I wore a cravat to bed. Karavot.
Kalit - Key - I need a Quality Key. Kalit.
Arzon - Cheap - Our zone is cheap! - Arzon.
Toza - Clean - I'm all clean-a, from my head-a to my toes-a. Toza.
Bir - One - I just want One Beer. Bir.
Ikki - Two - Two beers are icky! Ikki.
Kishi- Person - The key she has is personal. Kishi.
Kishilik - Per person - There's a personal-leak! - Kishilik.
Bir kishilik - Single person - One (beer) Per person (key-she-leak). Bir kishilik.
Ikki kishilik - Two person - Two (icky) Per person (key-she-leak). Ikki kishilik.

Bir kishilik hona - Single room
Ikki kishilik karavot - Double bed
Khojathonali hona - Room with a bath


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