Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Uzbek Is there...? There is... / There is not...

In the restaurant, hotel or shops, you're going to want to be able to inquire as to what is available.

... bor mi?
... exists?
Telefon bor mi?
Is there a telephone?
Choy bor mi?
Is there any tea?
Honalar bor mi?
Have you any rooms?

In the sentences above, the "mi" makes for a question. Without it you've a statement. So in reply:

Telefon bor.
There is a telephone.
Choy bor.
There is some tea.
Honalar bor.
We have some rooms.

"Bor" means to exist. "Yoq" means to be lacking. So to reply in the negative:
Telefon yoq.
There is no telephone. -
A telephone is lacking.

Choy yoq.
There is no tea.
Honalar yoq.
There are no rooms.


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