Saturday, October 07, 2006

Uzbek Song Vocabulary

If you look at the top downloads for Uzbek MP3s at any of the more common sites, you're going to run into a lot of jonims, sevgilims and azizs. Here's some vocabulary that pops up in Uzbek music:

Song Vocabulary
1. Fate – Qismat – It’s Kismet! It’s fate! Qismat.
2. Soul/liver – Bag’ir – He has the soul of a buyer, the liver of a giver. Bag’ir.
3. Heaven – Osmon – See the K-osmon-auts in the heavens. Osmon.
4. Life – Hayot – My life is so chaotic. Hayot.
5. Life’s journey – Umr – Humor me about my life, here. Umr.
6. Dear – Aziz – Nothing’s as eas-y as loving you, dear. Aziz.
7. Love – Sevgi – There’s a certain safety in love. Sevgi.
8. Darling – Sevgili – Think safety, Lee, my darling. Sevgili.
9. To love – Sev- Save yourself to love. Sevmoq.
10. Soul – Jon – Elton John has a lot of soul. Jon.
11. Dream/desire – Orzu – I dream to have a menagerie or zoo. Orzu.
12. Fancy/desire – Hayol – Hi, y’all, I got this fancy idea! Hayol.


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