Monday, October 02, 2006

Uzbek Verbs

Here are 12 Uzbek verbs - another chunk of Uzbek vocabulary for quick and easy learning. If you're learning Uzbek, I hope this bit of easily acquired vocabulary helps.

Note that after the English, the stem of the verb - and the key to the memory aid - is given. At the end, the infinitive is given. See this great page to find out how to conjugate them.

1. Understand – Tushun- You can’t understand too soon. Tushunmoq.
2. Ask – So’ra- Be sure-a to ask-a… So’ramoq.
3. Speak – Gapir- I’ll go peer at the speaker. Gapirmoq.
4. Go – Bor- I’ll go full bore to get there. Bormoq.
5. Desire – Ista- What’s I wants is-ta gets what I wants. Istamoq.
6. Eat – Ye- Yeah, I wanna eat. Yemoq.
7. Drink – Ich- Each drink tasted better than the last. Ichmoq.
8. Come – Kel- Come to California. Kelmoq.
9. Know – Bil- I know the bill is coming. Bilmoq.
10. Close – Yop- It’s not y-open, it’s closed. Yopmoq.
11. Open – Och- Ouch! Open up, will ya? Ochmoq.
12. Get – Ol- With all thy getting, get understanding. Olmoq.


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