Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Yes/No Questions in Uzbek

"mi" makes a yes-no question.

ha-yes yoq-no

You have already seen:

Telefon bor mi?
Is there a telephone?
Ha, telefon bor.
Yes, there is a telephone.
Yoq, telefon yoq.
No, there is no telephone.

Gazeta yakhshi.
The newspaper is good.
Gazeta yakshi mi?
The newspaper is good?
Yoq, gazeta yomon.
No, the newspaper is bad.

Bu oshhona khimmat mi?
Is this restaurant expensive?
Ha, bu oshhona khimmat.
Yes, this restaurant is expensive.

U avtobus toza mi?
Is that bus clean?
Yoq, u avtobus iflos.
No, that bus is dirty.


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