Saturday, December 26, 2009

2010 Intentions/Resolutions

Last year, I set New Year's Intentions, rather than resolutions. This year, I'm sticking with that, but with one added element: Jumping off points.

The problem with New Year's Resolutions, of course, is that a lot can happen in a year. Setting a goal that will take a year to achieve is just asking for trouble. What's needed, then, is a general idea of what you want to achieve, the direction it will point you in, and how to get started.

Over on the right hand side is a link to my long-term language goals. They boil down to basically two elements: 1) building familiarity with modern languages from the Indo-European and Turkic families, thus opening up a large stretch of Eurasia to basic understanding and 2) getting a better sense of the Indo-European part of that equation in looking at the older languages that underline what is today spoken from Portugal in the West to Tajikistan in the East. This is a big project that will take years.

Here's what I'm looking at to get started this year:

Modern Indo-European:

I intend to maintain and build on my Spanish.
Jumping off point: Review Michel Thomas Spanish, do Michel Thomas Advanced Spanish

I intend to maintain and build on my Italian.
Jumping off point: Review Michel Thomas Italian, do Michel Thomas Advanced Italian.

I intend to resurrect my (limited) German.
Jumping off point: Review Michel Thomas German.

Early Indo-European:

I intend to improve my Latin and make it more natural.
Jumping off point: Work through the Assimil Latin course passively.

I intend to revive and build on my NT Greek.
Jumping off point: Complete the EIEOL NT Greek course.

I intend to acquaint myself with Gothic in the Germanic family.
Jumping off point: Complete the EIEOL Gothic course (which has several readings in common with the NT Greek course).

I intend to revive my limited Turkish.
Jumping off point: Redo the Pimsleur Conversational Turkish course.

This is not, of course, everything I'll do this year. There's nothing about the Iranian languages, the Celtic languages, the Turkic languages to the East or French, for example. Given my tendency to drift hither and thither, I'll come to them in time. But this gives me seven concrete things to do in building toward larger goals whose specific nature I can adjust depending on what the New Year brings.


Anonymous Fiona @ BSF said...

I've always done intentions, but the jumping off point is a good idea.

I'll be implemented that myself.

Best of luck!


6:57 AM  

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