Thursday, December 03, 2009

Gothic for Goths!

If you've ever wanted to learn a little Gothic, but wading though Wulfilas' Bible translations wasn't where you wanted to start, boy is there a site for you!

Gothic for Goths is a handful of youtube lessons (so far) with copies of the scripts, vocabularies (with grammar information) and even a video-style alphabet book for the little ones. It was created by a student of Germanic linguists who with his neighbor was making fun of "goths" - that specimen of pale, made-up teen that runs about all in black - by using the real Gothic language for things they imagined "goths" might say - "My black underwear is chafing," "Do you want fries with that?" and so forth. If you've ever wanted to say, "Where's my chupacabra?" in an medieval language now's your chance!

Click here for the lessons and lesson info.

(To get more in-depth, albeit with Wulfilas, visit EIEOL)


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