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Remember, remember 11 September
When madness and malice took wing
Face darkness and fear
With this memory clear
And everywhere let Freedom ring!
(about these lines)


The main home for languages is multilingua.info, your key to becoming multilingual, with guides to language families and easy introductions to a variety of unusual languages.

We also offer brief conversation guides for several languages and simple tips on the tougher aspects of French grammar. Or, for something concrete, why not visit our language bookshop?


Victor Hugo: gbarto.com's own translations of Victor Hugo's poetry into English, along with commentaries on select poems and essays on what goes into a translation and on Hugo.

All this at the Hugo pages.

Les Pages Lamartine: a very small selection of poems by Alphonse de Lamartine

Talk of the Tao: a character by character introduction to the first book of the Tao Te Ching and The Dao-9 Project, a work in progress that shows how Chinese works through the first nine books of the Dao.

UBS - Union Bank of Switzerland: In the late 1990s, UBS did a series of artsy commercials using now revered poetry to emphasize the enduring quality of the institution that is now UBS Paine-Webber (who knew?). The institution has changed, but the poetry remains. You can read some of it at the Poetry from UBS pages. (The origin of the pages is explained here.)

The Bookshop

Would you like to know more about Victor Hugo? Classic English verse? Or even how to make your own web pages? gbarto.com has an online bookshop (in association with Amazon.com) with our recommendations (and reviews) for reasonably priced editions of literature and reasonably easy to use computer books. Visit the bookshop.

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